The World's First White Label Mobile Wallet & Pre-Paid Card Program


IFAN enables your community to share products and services, to engage in transactions, to send money back and forth, and to maintain relationships with your branding prominent- all in the palm of your hand.


The IFAN Platform allows
you to shop in any number
of participating merchant sites

Place all of your items
from various stores into a
single shopping cart

Checkout and send
payment from the IFAN
Platform to each merchant

The IFAN Platform is approved on both the Apple and Google mobile app stores.


Our Vision

We are building a comprehensive platform that integrates with and incorporates the best functionality of Facebook, e-Bay,
Instagram, Amazon, PayPal, Western Union and other progressive leaders.  We call it "social commerce," and we're building
a powerful tool to foster safe, secure and simple social commerce for the benefit of both consumers and merchants.

  • Significantly reduce identity theft

  • Protect consumers' personal data

  • Eliminate unauthorized online

  • Lower the price of merchant processing fees

  • Provide cheaper, safer online transactions
    between users

  • Allow users to share products, services,
    and payments


In the IFAN Platform :
Items from different users can be purchased with a single checkout procedure.