Fully Customized Industry Specific White Label Solutions

Mobile Optimized Platform

On-Demand Payments and Autopay Features

Proximity Marketing Capabilities

Run Your Store From Anywhere


Sign in to your web dashboard to keep tabs on your store and run your business from any computer. Set up employees to take orders from customers in line, accept payments on deliveries, or handle special events at no additional cost.


Virtually Eliminate Chargebacks

Transactions are viewed as same as cash so you eliminate a world of headaches.

High Risk Accounts Welcome

If other merchants have declined your business, we may be able to help.

Ease Customers' Security Concerns

Since you won’t have access to a customer’s card information, your customers will feel more comfortable about having their data protected.

1st to Market All Inclusive Mobile Payment Platform

IFAN Enterprise Solutions are easy to integrate and come fully equipped
with the IFAN Payment Gateway for safe and secure transactions

Mobile Optimization

Easy to integrate solutions are mobile optimized and customized to meet
merchants' industry specific needs.

Proximity Revolution

Proximity marketing and payments to engage both nearby and loyal clientele to your sales initiatives. Become a mobile ready business in one click.

Complete Payment Control

All solutions come BLE and NFC compatible
with Autopay capabilities and
On Demand payments.

Solving today's payment processing issues:

High Processing Cost

IFAN’s industry leading pricing saves merchants between 1.2% and 4.5% per transaction.

Limited Functionality

The IFAN Platform possess revolutionary functionality in payment features as well as proximity marketing capabilities.

Theft and Vulnerability

IFAN’s proprietary decentralization of card information assures no customer information is ever provided to merchants.